The products of the Red Animals range are really effective and the difference is visible right away. In Betachol for example, we use real vitamin B12 and not an artificial dye. It also avoids as much as possible the sugar which has a harmful interaction with the plants. The best advertising is done by the satisfaction of our customers!

  • Concentrated natural products
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Premium components
  • A scientific and rigorous approach


The Red Pigeon / Red Bird range has been designed in collaboration with a specialized laboratory for 25 years in the field of plants and essential oils. His know-how and experience have been invaluable in the making of the range. Developed by true specialists, you can use Red Pigeon / Red Bird products with confidence.


We all notice that for years, the action of antibiotics is less and less effective. The massive use of these leads to a growing resistance of bacteria and other viruses ... It is a vicious circle that it is time to stop.


One way to avoid antibiotics is to enhance the natural immunity of birds. Take the example of us humans. Why take antibiotics before you get sick ... It's nonsense! Besides, the ancients knew for a long time the benefits of these.

  • A balanced and varied food strengthens our resistance.
  • Plants offer us very effective alternatives.
  • By strengthening immunity:
  • We fight the problems before they arrive.
  • It will be much better countered by the body.