TRIO-MIX liquid 500ml


500 ml (health / flight)



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Avoid antibiotics & enhance the natural immunity

TRIO-MIX liquid is a true innovation in the world of pigeons. It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and digestive system. After treatment, the results are really amazing! The unique composition of herbs, essential oils and natural organic acids has no adverse effect on the performance of the birds. During the racing season, TRIO-MIX liquid can be administered for three days, and treatment can be repeated every three weeks. During the other two weeks, you can administer TRIO-MIX capsules, as the two products are complementary. An alternative is to use TRIO-MIX liquid every week on Mondays and Tuesdays.

 Dose: 10 ml per litre of water for three days.

Nutritional supplement for pigeons


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