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ORNICLEAN is truly the most effective product for clearing the upper airways in pigeons.

The difference with other products on the market is that it is used directly in the beak by putting 2 drops for 2 to 3 days before basketing for an optimal effect.

Using ORNICLEAN in the beak and not in the eyes or in the nostrils causes less stress in the pigeon and above all will have the effect of clearing the airways from the inside, which is much more effective.

You can do a test at home with pigeons that don't fly much. Just give them 2 drops and the next day you will already see a big difference in height and flight time!!!

The ideal is to combine ORNICLEAN with GALAXY which is a powder based on essential oils to obtain dramatically white nostrils. We recommend doing a cure of GALAXY for 4 days on the seeds by sticking it with PREMIUM OIL which contains garlic, thyme and corn germ oil.

ORNICLEAN can also be used in poultry (3 drops per day in a 2-day cure)

After using it once, you won't change it again, guaranteed effect!!!



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