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Avoid antibiotics & enhance the natural immunity

GALAXY is a powder that is composed of various essential oils in a base of silica and green clay.

• Essential thyme oil: beneficial to the respiratory tract

• Essential oregano oil: enhances immunity and resistance

• Essential cinnamon oil: benefits digestion

• Green clay: deep-cleansing of the body

• + other essential oils

GALAXY is a revolutionary product. It is a blend of essential oils in a base of green clay. Each essential oil has a specific effect, which means the product is broadly beneficial. It aids digestion, is beneficial to the respiratory tract and has a cleansing effect. A 5-day course of treatment, for example, will clear the pigeon's nose and avoid head problems. Green clay is also frequently used because of its purifying effect. Galaxy will quickly deliver visible results.

GALAXY also provides protection against external attacks. Use GALAXY together with PREMIUM OIL once or twice a week or as a 5-day course of treatment for in-depth cleansing. Highly recommended on the Monday and Tuesday after a competition.

Dose: 1 tablespoon per kg of feed mixed with PREMIUM OIL.

Nutritional supplement for pigeons.

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