Purifix 250ml





PURIFIX contains a large range of herbs like Vaccinium, Trigonella, Curcuma and Astragalus.

• Vaccinium: purifying and good for the joints

• Trigonella: improves digestion

• Curcuma: antioxidant, aids digestion

• Astragalus: enhances the overall resistance of the birds

Purifix is the basis of the Red Pigeon and Red Bird products. It purifies the body, enhances immunity and resistance and therefore the overall well-being of your birds.

Administer a 2-3 week course of treatment on a regular basis (every 2 to 3 months). In between treatment courses continue to give Purifix twice a week. After all, immunity is not built up in just a few days! This is a point for attention throughout the year and will have long-term benefits. Purifix promotes healthy, pink skin.

Dose: 15 ml / litre of water

Nutritional supplement for pigeons or ornamental birds.

Red Bird

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